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Attention Wreckers and Micros you will be getting a call from the coach sometime next week(Week of Aug. 25th) and will be starting after Labor Day.

If anyone is interested in volunteering to help coach either the Wreckers or Micros send an email to

                           Soccer shooting tips:

  • Observe the goalkeeper's position. Have they left a gap that you can exploit?
  • Select the best technique for your shot. A sidefoot shot will have greater accuracy, but an instep (laces) with good follow-through will have greater power.
  • Put your non-kicking foot alongside the ball.
  • Keep your head down and your eyes on the ball when striking.
  • Keep your body over the ball.
  • Make contact with the middle to top half of the ball.
  • Maintain your composure.

Tips to improve your chance of scoring:

  • Shoot wide rather than high. There's a better chance of getting a deflection that will wrong-foot the goalkeeper.
  • Shoot low. It's harder for a keeper to reach shots along the ground because it's further for them to travel. It's easy for them to jump up and save, but much harder to crouch down and get it.
  • Shoot across the keeper. It's tougher for them to hold these shots, and means they could divert the ball back into the path of another attacker.










Interested in coaching? Get information about F licensing here


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