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Dear Parents/Coaches,       

I hope you and your players have been enjoying the fall season thus far.  The Board and I continue to try and find ways to make the club better, and we are open to any suggestions.

We have been approached by the Deptford Soccer Club regarding using our fields for their annual Columbus Day Tournament.  The benefit to our club is that we keep 100% profits from the snack bar.  With the amount of games scheduled, 60 games over two days, this has the potential to bring a substantial amount of money to our club.  With the profits we hope to be able to accomplish some of our “big ticket” items, such as re-sodding the fields, replacing damaged goals, or renting lights for the fields towards the end of the season.

In order for this to be successful we will absolutely need YOUR HELP!  The plan is to have the stand open Saturday October 11th and Sunday October 12th from 8am to 6 pm.  Each team will be responsible for a time slot to cover (2 ½ hours), and does not have to be covered by the same person the entire shift. Jobs to be filled during your team slot will range from working in the snack stand or our food tents, parking attendants, running to the store for supplies, and trash pickup. 

We need all the help that we can get to make this successful for the Woodbury Soccer Club. As an added incentive, for anyone who volunteers to cover an entire shift your name will be entered for free registration for your family next year!

The snack stand schedule for the tournament will be sent out shortly.  If you are able to volunteer, please contact David Floyd to sign up for your team’s allotted time. 

Again, in order for the Club to be SUCCESSFUL, we need YOUR help.  Thank you.

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David Floyd


President, Woodbury Soccer Club










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